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In Boston, solar e-paper road sign is connected to the cloud


In partnership with Visionect, the Boston mayor’s office revealed its new low-energy public wayfinding sign.

Walking is a popular way to commute in Boston, so public wayfinding signs that update in real-time are especially useful. Working with Visionect, E Ink, and Global Display Solutions, the Mayor’s office recently revealed the city’s first electronic paper outdoor sign. Situated in City Hall Plaza, the 32-inch solar-powered sign is connected to the cloud. City officials update the display information whenever needed.


Electronic ink is visible even in bright sunlight, and the e-paper sign is water resistant, making it perfect for a city with thunderstorms and harsh winters. The sign can be updated in real-time, but is eco-friendly and doesn’t require access to an energy grid. We have written about Visionect’s technology before, creating smart meeting room labelling and e-paper road signs in Sydney.

Could these solar-powered, eco-friendly signs be useful in areas with low access to power?



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