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Bottle deposit refunds: push here to donate


In Denmark, as in many other countries, consumers pay a refundable deposit on bottles. When they return them through a retailer’s collection machine, it prints out a slip of paper that states how much they’ll receive at the cash register. Generally, these aren’t large amounts, but they’re enough to get people to return their containers. One of Denmark ‘s largest consumer goods retailers has now added a charitable twist to the process, adding a button that lets customers instantly donate their bottle money to charity instead of collecting it for themselves. A partnership between Coop Denmark, UNICEF Denmark and DanChurchAid, the ‘push to donate’ system was launched in September 2007 in 14 of Coop’s Kvickly xtra stores. In the first three months, customers donated over DKK 120,000 (USD 25,750), proving that tiny donations add up to significant amounts. This year, Coop will be adding the option to 1,200 bottle collection machines in its other supermarket chains. If you want to entice consumers to be charitable, make it easy for them. One for other retailers to be inspired by? (Related: Reverse vending.) Spotted by: Frida Berglund


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