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'Box of Awesome' entertains kids and helps startups get noticed

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The Box of Awesome offers free games, music, sweets and gadgets to engage kids with new companies entering the industry.

Toy subscription services have been around for long enough for startups such as Little Pnuts to carve their own niche in the market by supplying only battery-free products. Taking things in the opposite direction, the Box of Awesome offers free games, music, clothes and gadgets to engage kids with new companies entering the industry. Based in the UK, Box of Awesome currently comes in three iterations. The Digital box is free and provides an exclusive game download. The Physical box contains sweets, games and trading cards and is free to order, delivered on a first come first served basis – once they run out, kids have to wait until the next round. The Guaranteed box costs GBP 0.38 per week after the first box, is assured to be delivered and is the same as the Physical box plus a subscriber-only gift. The physical boxes contain both items from well-known children’s entertainment firms and startups. The benefit for up-and-coming toy companies is that they get easy access to their key demographic – young teenagers – who they try to engage through complimentary offerings. Kids benefit from free goodies, as well as toys that their friends don’t have. Box of Awesome acts as a platform for new businesses to showcase their goods by sharing a stage with established brands. How else can consumers be made aware of newer companies by partnering them with successful businesses? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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