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This box could help revive failing relationships

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Aimed at couples who perhaps don't have time to organize a romantic evening, Unbox Love promises to deliver fun date ideas in a box.

Regular readers of Springwise will remember — the service we recently covered that aims to connect those who are too busy to maintain an everyday relationship. Aimed at couples who perhaps don’t have time to organize a romantic evening, Unbox Love now promises to deliver fun dates in a box.

According to its creators, today’s relationships are often a work of compromise, with couples fitting in date nights in between other commitments and all to often falling back on a restaurant dinner or night in with a movie. Unbox Love enables couples to subscribe to a monthly box that gives them the inspiration and tools to create an evening of unorthodox activities. Although the company is currently being secretive about what will be included in its first box, it says that the ideas will “allow couples to learn about each other, experience something new together, and make memories that will last”. Couples can open the box together on the night of the date in order to create some excitement and surprise about what they will be getting up to.

Each box costs USD 50 — potentially cheaper than the average restaurant date — although the service is currently limited to the US. Are there other ways to put the spark back into relationships?



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