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Brand activation agency connects organizations with townships

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Cape Town based startup connects businesses with communities they would otherwise find difficult to reach.

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Getting mass feedback on a business idea outside of a peer group can be difficult, and without such constructive criticism an error or small change that could lead to big improvements can easily be missed. A South African-based brand activation agency iSpani, allows a community of micro data entrepreneurs through empowering communities to now participate in the research and marketing process.

The agency links businesses, institutions and governments with communities that they would otherwise find difficult to connect with, particularly townships in the country. Making this connection gives the widest range of opinions and feedbacks, ensuring business decisions aren’t made purely on the views of one group type. Organizations can get involved by simply registering with iSpani, signing in with Google or Facebook, initiating a campaign, choosing target locations for feedback, filling in campaign information and publishing so activators on the ground can see it.

Using an external agency to help businesses thrive is a common move. A digital marketplace to help link social media stars with brands and a crowdsourcing website that links the public with professional services they seek are just some examples of innovative uses of the concept. How could your company use an agency to boost operations?



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