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Bacardi Bespoke is a service from Bacardi in the UK that brings bars to customers’ homes or offices. The bars come complete with glasses, ice, equipment, expert cocktail mixologists, a portable bar and a DJ. Naturally, the bartenders make everything with Bacardi, having created new versions of classic cocktails to incorporate Bacardi rum. Cocktail lists are personalised to a host’s taste and a party’s theme or vibe. In essence small-scale sponsored and branded events, Bespoke home parties are subsidised by Bacardi, so prices aren’t as high as would be expected from a professional service (contact Bacardi Bespoke for details). Spiked with a splash of tryvertising, Bacardi Bespoke is great example of what has defined as the insperience trend: consumers’ desire to bring top-level experiences into their domestic domain. Product seeding combined with something consumers want — no reason why this wouldn’t work equally well for other brands and other industries. Be inspired, and get the party started!



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