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Brands given control over their Twitter reputations through new platform

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Muffle is a UK firm that aims to give companies a fresh element of control over those tweeting on their behalf.

A wealth of information can be found in the Twittersphere, whether regarding intended purchases, emergency incidents or market sentiment. Now targeting brands seeking to protect their online reputations, Muffle is a UK firm that aims to give companies a fresh element of control over those tweeting on their behalf. Now in closed beta, Muffle Guard is a service that helps brands control what’s tweeted by the users of official accounts representing them. Companies can hide tweets automatically before they become public on any linked Twitter account, for instance, or they can use the service’s web interface to hide tweets manually. Hidden tweets are then saved so they can later be re-tweeted if and when the time is right. A keyword library helps brands keep track of words or phrases that shouldn’t be tweeted – offensive language or sensitive company information, for example – with notifications available via SMS or email. Corporate users can even set up a “Twitter blackout” to prevent accounts from being used at inappropriate times, such as after a few drinks or before a high profile game. And for tweets whose meaning is unclear, brands can monitor public reaction in real-time for additional insight. Sentiment analysis algorithms monitor every reply and re-tweet sent to users. Finally, for each linked account, Muffle Guard users can apply customized security settings tailored to the risk level involved. Muffle Guard works in the cloud, so users can continue to use their current clients, the company says. Those interested can now request an invitation for free access to the service’s beta release, which is currently live. Reputation-conscious brands around the globe: one to test out for yourself? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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