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In Brazil, bike café-cum-workshop offers showering facilities

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The Aro 27 café and bicycle repair shop hopes to keep it customers feeling fresh by offering commuters showering facilities as well as a place to safely park their bike.

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Cycling is widely accepted to be a good way to keep fit while also travelling without damaging the environment, however many people are put off by safety concerns, poor weather, or by turning up to meet a friend covered in sweat. Brazilian café and bicycle repair shop Aro 27 is now hoping to deal with the last complaint, offering commuters showering facilities as well as a place to safely park their bike.

Bicycle cafés aren’t a new thing, and there are now numerous locations around the world that provide cyclists with a place to enjoy a break with some food and drink, as well as bond with others that share their passion. In order to cater fully for its niche clientele, Aro 27 functions not only as a restaurant, but also a shop to buy cycling equipment and a repair center and workshop to fix punctures or more serious problems. Visitors are able to park their bike in Aro 27’s secure storage and even enjoy a shower to freshen up before they hit the road again. Situated in the center of São Paulo, the café is open from 7am until 8pm on a weekday and until 4pm on a Sunday.

We recently wrote about the city’s La Repas bistro, which rewards bike-owning diners with a free meal, and Aro 27 is now one more of the growing number of high street facilities that is encouraging bike use in Brazil. Are there other ways your business could cater for the cycling crowd?



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