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In Brazil, tomorrow's meal ingredients prepared and delivered in 24 hours

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Gulala is a recipe site that delivers fresh ingredients, pre-prepared, in time for the next day's evening meal.

Parents are well aware of how difficult it can be to create a different meal from scratch every day of the week, given the amount of recipe research, shopping and preparation required. Now Brazilian service Gulala is offering members all of the ingredients for a wide number of recipes, prepped and delivered within 24 hours.

Users first browse the meals available on the site and then load their account with credit to purchase the recipes they want. Once they’ve made their selection, all of the ingredients — minus the bare essentials such as oil and salt — are prepared and bundled into the necessary portions to make the meal. The meal kits are then delivered within 24 hours so that users can create the recipe the day after ordering, with only the cooking element required. All of the ingredients are fresh and each meal typically costs around BRL 23.45 per person.

New Yorkers have also been able to order everything they need for a recipe through Chefday, and — much like that service — Gulala makes the cooking process easier for busy home chefs by having the ingredients freshly prepared for them. How else can consumers be helped to free up their time at home?

Spotted by Maria Renata Bertolino Storto, written by Springwise



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