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In Brazil, vending machine only rewards 'real' music fans with free magazine


Billboard Brasil magazine's Fan Check Machine inspects the tracks on users' iPhones to determine if they deserve a free copy.

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It’s sometimes the case that brands want to limit their marketing campaigns in order to target only those they feel belong to the product’s demographic. We’ve already seen Kraft develop a vending machine that dispenses samples of its Jell-O Temptations dessert to adults only, and now the Fan Check Machine campaign for Billboard Brasil magazine inspects the tracks on users’ iPhones to determine if they deserve a free copy.

Created by Ogilvy Brazil, the machine encourages passersby to connect their smartphone using the cables provided. Taking the view that true music fans not only want to read about their favorite artists, but also own their music, the machine then scans the handset for mp3 files which match the band or musician on the front cover of that month’s magazine. If they own more than 20 tracks by the cover artist, a copy of the magazine is delivered through the slot, free of charge. If not, then the user has to buy a copy. The video below offers a demonstration of the Fan Check Machine:

The scheme rewards the magazine’s key demographic – engaged music fans – and also promotes the physical magazine. Could vending machines be rigged to detect other aspects of the consumer’s personality in order to offer targeted goods?



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