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Bread delivery charity helps unemployed people start their own business

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Breadwinners helps unemployed people with micro-financing, training and support, and empowers them to set up a bread delivery business.


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The gig economy can create flexible hours for those who are out of work, but employees are still essentially working for a wage, earning profits for a larger company. Now, Breadwinners is a charity that aims to help unemployed people work for themselves. The non-profit helps those who are struggling with employment with micro financing, training and support, to empower them to set up a bread delivery business in their local community.

To begin, potential Breadwinners attend a training program, where they learn the skills and information they need to set up their personal delivery business. Then, they are paired with a local artisan baker and given a bike, trailer and equipment. Breadwinners buy the loaves from the bakery at cost price and sell them for profit, keeping the difference to build their business. Customers simply order their bread as a one-off or subscription and have it delivered to their home.

What other delivery tasks could be used to create work for unemployed people?



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