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Breathing mask, lamp and alarm in one can be activated in 5 seconds


Hailing from South Korea, the 5aver helps evacuation from fire by providing breathable air, light and an alarm within 5 seconds of activation.

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We recently wrote about the Bulb Flashlight, which gives LED lighting extra practicality by turning into a torch in emergencies, and now we’ve come across another device that combines useful tools in the event of a fire. Hailing from South Korea, the 5aver helps evacuation by providing air, light and an alarm within 5 seconds of activation.

According to the company, it becomes much more difficult for firefighters to enter a building five minutes after a major fire has started due to the concentration of smoke. At the same time, survival rates for those inside drop by around seven to ten percent for each minute after the first five, and it’s these figures that give the 5aver its name. Designed to be mounted on the wall much like existing fire extinguishers, the device consists of up to four cylinders that contain breathing masks, as well as one torch and alarm per unit. When a cylinder is detached, the 3-LED flashlight is automatically turned on — offering greater visibility in smoky areas — and the alarm is sounded, enabling firefighters to more easily locate survivors. Users simply twist the cylinder to release the triple-filter mask, giving them instant protection from the dangerous chemicals in fire smoke. The video below offers more information about the 5aver (in Korean):

Considering that smoke inhalation is one of the biggest killers in the case of fires, the 5aver could potentially be a greater lifesaver than extinguishers in incidents where smoke is a bigger threat. Investors — could you help get this device installed in more places around the world?

Spotted by Murtaza Patel, written by Springwise



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