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Browser extension makes company wide information exchange easy

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Guru presents relevant information from a company’s collective knowledge, according to the content on users’ browsers.


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We’re seeing a number of browser apps being designed to make the act of researching more seamless. There’s a plugin that enables users to search cloud documents without knowing the title, while an app connects users with charities based on the news they read. Guru, a browser extension, sits somewhere in the middle — it presents users with relevant information from the collective knowledge within their company, according to the webpage they’re browsing.

The application is especially useful for companies that are growing fast. Experts in various areas of the company first make virtual cards with all the latest information about certain projects, strategies, or the competitive landscape — the app will regularly prompt updates from them. Guru can then pull data from those cards and present it when it is relevant to the content in front of the user, or be used as a searchable platform. The application also integrates with Salesforce and LinkedIn. The virtual notecards, on which Guru presents the information, will tell users whether the data is up to date or not, and when researching, the user will not have to leave their browser or log into separate application. It aims to be a more intelligent, seameless alternative to tools such as wikis.

The app recently launched out of Beta, and is currently used by 200 companies. How else can company wide information exchanges be made easier?



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