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Browser extension lets you donate directly to charity


Extension allows web users to read the latest news stories and donate money to a list of causes affiliated with the subject matter.

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Web browser extension Buoy Up is changing the way readers interact with online news. With just a click of a mouse, web users can donate to charities and organisations affiliated with the news story they are reading, directly sending much needed money to those in need. One example could be the devastation caused by the recent multiple hurricanes; Buoy Up creates a list of relevant organisations that can help the cause, and creates a direct link to make a donation.

Users hover over the charity name, and a pop-up will explain more about the charity. They can then give to that charity by clicking on the buoy, with each click giving 50 cents, and larger amounts can be donated to charities from the Buoy Up site. Web readers sign up to the service once, providing their payment details so each buoy click sends 50 cents over to the chosen organisation. The extension is currently available on Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.

It can often be difficult to know the best way to donate to those in need, especially in the modern day when there are a plethora of methods to hand. Crowdfunding platforms have proved popular in recent years, with one campaign looking for donations to help female entrepreneurs in developing countries. The expansive gaming industry has also had its part to play, creating a social game that encourages players to donate to microloan payments for those living in developing economies. How could browser extensions boost your operational efficiency?




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