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Browser extension turns de-bugging websites into a game

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Tracey Bug Cop is a Chrome browser extension that lets users visually report website bugs and track fixes with Trello.

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Designed to work with online project management program Trello, Tracey Bug Cop is a free Chrome browser extension. Once the application has searched a website for problems, any issues are tagged visibly. Users fill in details about each problem, and the bug report is automatically linked to the appropriate Trello Board. The reports include an image showing the exact location of the problem, and the type of browser, screen resolution and operating system of the computer being used.

Tracey Bug Cop already links with any application that Trello works with, and Mac and JIRA versions of Tracey are in development. The Tracey Bug Cop team says a paid version with additional features will be available in the future, at a likely cost of USD 7 a month.

We’ve seen gamification in a chat-based money management app and a program for waste management workers. What other complex tasks could benefit from a more fun approach?



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