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Tool for build-your-own video streaming sites

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Using AI to find audiences for new content, smart video tech company Unreel Entertainment launches, a platform for custom-built streaming sites.


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Unreel Entertainment uses AI bot Bumblebee to trawl the internet and social media for the most popular videos, making it easier for viewers to find and share new content. Now, with, everything a user needs to create a bespoke video streaming site and app, and build an audience, is provided in one place.

Each site and app uses content uploaded directly to the Unreel platform, and syncs with videos posted on social networks. The platform provides everything from an easy-to-use content management system to time-stamped commenting and sharing capabilities and automated highlight reels. Once an site is live, the Bumblebee bot begins including the new content in its analysis and suggestions to viewers. Content owners can choose to monetize their site and create paywalls and subscription plans. also help creators advertise and sell merchandise.

As part of the launch, Unreel Entertainment has raised financing for a USD 1 million Creator Appreciation Fund. The Fund is offering owners of each site 100 percent of all earnings until the money is dispersed. After that, any revenue generated will be split between creators and Unreel, with content owners retaining 85 percent of their earnings.

Finding ways to reach multiple audiences is a constant challenge, and a number of platforms are helping content creators aggregate the management of their output. We’ve seen an online tool for building apps and widgets for multiple devices and a platform that helps video producers manage content and engage socially all in one place.

What other tools could help content providers manage audience and output?



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