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Build-your-own wooden bike, boat and caravan

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Detailed how-to guides for building lightweight, portable wooden vehicles

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As the maker movement continues to popularize DIY, kits such as make-your-own-cheese and semi-baked bread help inexperienced makers learn a new skill. Woodenwidget exists to remind people of the pleasure of making things by hand. The company sells detailed, illustrated how-to guides for building its unique wooden vehicles. The Hoopy, a wooden bicycle, is Woodenwidget’s latest design.

Lightweight, handmade and portable, Woodenwidget designs are meant to be used by everyone from complete novices to experienced woodworkers. The plans are highly customizable, allowing makers to create a bike, boat or caravan that is just right for them. The boats and caravan are foldable, and Woodenwidget strives to reduce waste, encouraging the use of recycled parts in its builds.

For every set of plans the company sells, it plants five trees. Having previously planted in Scotland and Madagascar, the Woodenwidget team is currently planting in Malawi. Could subscription services and partially made products help preserve endangered artisan skills?



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