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Building block toy kits can be controlled with kids' smartphones

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Atoms Express is a range of children's toys that enables kids to build a working electronic device and then program it with their smartphone.

We’ve seen building block toys that incorporate elements of electronics before, in projects such as LittleBits and GoldieBlox. Now, Atoms Express is enabling kids to use their smartphones to program the creations they make. The kits consist of 13 different types of building blocks that contain electronic components and act as sensors or processing units. Motors, light sensors, speakers, accelerometers and exploding bricks are all available, along with a Bluetooth iOS module that can receive information from an iPhone or iPad. Using this, kids can then control the device they have made. Each module also comes with LED indicators that show what is happening in order to make it easier for kids to know what to change if something isn’t working, aiding the learning process. The video below shows Atoms Express in action: Atoms Express has already reached its Kickstarter funding target and will be taking extra pre-orders in the near future. Kits start from USD 29. How else can toys be adapted to get kids more interested in being creative?



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