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Burglar alarm for mice


New internet-connect mousetraps from Rentokil humanely departs captured mice, sending an alert when the trap has triggered.

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Mice can squeeze into homes through the smallest of gaps. Once inside, they spread disease and breed incredibly quickly, with up to 16 pups in each litter after a gestation period of only three weeks. Now from Rentokil, RADAR mousetraps automatically capture mice, humbly kill them and then send an alert to a technician to reset the trap.

RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance) are internet-connect mousetraps. They are part of Rentokil’s ResiConnect mouse solution designed for high-risk business environments and they work like this: the mouse runs into one of the open ends of the trap, straight through a pair of infrared beams which make the doors snap shut, sealing the openings. Carbon dioxide gas is then released into the container, humanely killing the mice and controlling them before they start to breed in large numbers. Once the trap has been triggered, the system sends a message to the technician responsible, alerting them to the mouse activity.

We have already written about pest control in the form of predator-mimicking drones. Could these two tech pest control systems be integrated?



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