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In California, drought themed radio station encourages short showers

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The 'Water Lover's Station' only plays short songs related to water, in the hope of encouraging listeners to conserve water.

As the dry season nears, the water drought in California is only going to get worse. We have seen a number of ideas such as a rubber brick and a crowdsourced app, which help empower local citizens to do their part in saving water. Now, the music streaming app Pandora Radio has launched a new station, specifically with the purpose of reminding Californians to take short showers.

The ‘Water Lover’s Station’ was created in conjunction with The Metropolitan Water District. It plays a combination of 100 hundred songs — all of which are related to water or rain and last under five minutes — in the hope of encouraging listeners to conserve water. Californians can use tracks including ‘The River’ by Bruce Springsteen, ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC and ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince, to time their shower in the morning.

How else could themed radio stations be used to raise awareness of an issue?



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