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So called ‘fake news’ could be a thing of the past

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Videopath is a Berlin based startup that allows videographers to embed contextual information and calls to action directly into the player.

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‘Fake news’ videos cover the internet. Videos often lack the supporting, contextual information needed to verify their authenticity because it’s difficult to attach this data to a video and as a result, those making and sharing them don’t bother. The result is they gain traction and are often picked up by the established press. Now, Videopath, offers a way of embedding web content easily into videos.

The Berlin startup offers those making online video content a way to bolster editorial credibility and help viewers to identify legitimate video sources. The technology behind Videopath provides a new way to bring sources and calls to action into the player. Viewers can click on the sources and more information opens directly in the player. Because video is dynamic, with things moving from frame to frame, creating a clickable video with moving hotspots is a challenge. But Videopath’s builder – a simple, intuitive interface – means anyone can quickly put together one of these videos. CEO and co-founder, Anna Rose explains, “With Videopath we are bringing the contextual power of the web into video. Our dream is to help infuse more information into video and present this to viewers in an organised way that empowers them to learn more about the topic.” Those building videos can include the latest updates by adding a Twitter feed, linking to contextual information on the Wikipedia page or raising money for a cause by adding a donation form directly into the player. The company say they have seen significant engagement, with over 30% of viewers clicking to see extra content.

Springwise recently wrote about this video plugin which allowed viewers to access information about the places, words, and music contained within video clips. As people increasingly consume information from short form video, will products like these become more relevant?




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