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Camera-embedded sports kits bring first person POV to all sports

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Spanish tech company First V1sion has created sportswear that features an integrated camera to show real-time action from the athlete's point of view.


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Newly affordable tech such as the GoPro camera or HEXO+ autonomous sports drone has changed what we expect from action footage. Yet coverage of sports such as soccer, tennis and basketball often still use the same distant shots to show fans what’s going on. Spanish tech company First V1sion is aiming to change this, with sportswear that features an integrated camera to show real-time action from the athlete’s point of view.

While competitors in motor racing or extreme sports are able to attach a camera to their cars or gear to offer interesting viewpoints to bring the audience into the action, the same isn’t true for individual and team-based sports where extra equipment would be detrimental to their game. First V1sion’s sports gear integrates a lightweight camera located at chest height. This allows those in athletics, soccer, basketball, tennis, and almost any other sport to capture high definition footage and have it instantly broadcasted. The kit also includes pulsemeter and accelerometer to provide more real-time statistics that can be delivered through broadcasts. These combined technologies make the broadcasts more engaging for the viewer, dragging them into the action. For instance, rather the audience could see exactly what Messi sees before he takes a World Cup penalty, or be used to confirm refereeing decisions for foul play.

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the technology:

The system makes sports broadcasts more engaging for the audience by capturing footage never available before. Are there other technologies that could bring audiences at home closer to the action on the sports field or at other live events?



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