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Canadian dementia village allows residents to be independent

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This assisted living complex will provide outdoor space, a crafting centre, gardens, a barn, and much more, all while keeping residents safe.

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Designed to keep residents secure while providing opportunities for independence, The Village in Langley, British Colombia, is Canada’s first village specifically for people suffering from degenerative brain diseases. Alzheimer’s is one of the more well-known degenerative brain diseases, but is far from being the only one. Taking inspiration from The Netherlands’ de Hogewey village, Langley’s The Village will create a familiar and ‘normal’ environment for its residents.

Homes will be single-story cottages, and there will only be six of them in total, with 12 units per cottage. The entire facility will be home to 78 seniors. Furthermore, there will be nearly as many staff as there will be residents. Key to The Village’s planned success for creating a meaningful way of life is the availability of multiple spaces to enjoy at leisure, as independently as possible. Five acres of land will support barn animals, flower and vegetable gardens, art studio space and much more. Activities will be planned around residents’ interests, and family members will be encouraged to get involved as well. Residents will not be required to follow a schedule other than their own.

Currently privately funded, the facility hopes to eventually attract some government funding to help with running costs. Construction began in early 2018, and interest in the facility is high. People interested in the project are asked to get in touch via the website.

Accessible design and new technologies are improving many aspects of ageing. A tableware set designed to improve mealtimes and food intake for those with cognitive impairments won first place in a design challenge, and a lightweight, wearable button alerts carers when dementia sufferers or autistic children wander off. How could home and community spaces be retrofitted to incorporate some of these new ageing support ideas?



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