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Candy startup enables customers to eat their Instagrams


UK-based Boomf lets anyone put their favorite photos onto marshmallow candy.

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Instagram has turned the average smartphone owner into a photographer, and the app has spawned a number of businesses that help its users to make more of the snaps they take. We’ve already written about Stitchagram — which places Instagrams on hand-made cushions — and now UK-based Boomf enables anyone to put their favorite photos onto marshmallow candy.

The brainchild of product development studio Mint Digital — which is also behind Deskbeers, covered on Springwise recently — users simply log into the Boomf site using their Instagram account. They then select nine photos they want placed onto the candy. A box of 4cm x 4cm marshmallows with a different image printed on each one is then delivered through the post, enabling customers to share a tasty treat with friends, as well as their photography skills. Each box of nine costs GBP 12, and Boomf ships worldwide.

Boomf adds an extra, tastier dimension to social sharing offline, putting Instagrams to new use. How else can social media users share their content in interesting ways offline?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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