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Crowdsourcing site for coders guarantees $35 per hour

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Crowdsourcing has already shaken up the recruitment process in graphic design and numerous other fields, as we’ve noted on several occasions. What we hadn’t seen until recently, however, is the concept applied in a structured way to the world of programming. Enter CanYouCode, a site that aims to match skilled coders with companies in need of programming help. There are plenty of sites out there already dedicated to freelance coders, but many pay too little to attract the cream of the crop. That’s where CanYouCode seeks to differ, with steps that verify the quality of both programmers and the companies hoping to hire them. “We manually verify all companies which offer services here,” the site explains. “Like how good their team is. Or maybe look at their Open Source contributions. And whether they have a standards-compliant, well-designed website.” Programmers are guaranteed a minimum rate of USD 35 per hour on jobs found through the site, but their LinkedIn profiles must be verified before they can bid. CanYouCode is currently targeting professionals in the U.S. and Europe. Based in Bangalore, India, CanYouCode is now looking for early-stage investors.



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