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Car accessories enable drivers to broadcast their mood

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MotorMood is an automotive accessory that enables drivers to let the car behind know exactly how they're feeling.

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Although car owners often show a part of their personality through their choice of vehicle, along with customizations such as bumper stickers and sticky car art, they can’t change those things to reflect their mood at any one time. Enter MotorMood, an automotive accessory that enables drivers to let the car behind know exactly how they’re feeling.

MotorMoods consists of small 3.5-inch faces — currently showing angry, happy and flirty emotions — that can be placed in the rear window of any car. The devices aren’t too visible but are fitted with backlit LEDs, which light up when activated. The faces are wirelessly connected to remote controls that are placed on the sun visor of the windshield. Users can have as many MotorMoods as they like on their back window, and simply press a button to light the appropriate expression.

MotorMoods could help drivers to lay off their car horn when they’re angry, or use the faces to say thank you to other motorists. The company is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign before late December as well as add extra moods in the future. Are there other ways drivers can alter the look of their car depending on their current mood?



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