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Car roof storage doubles as a boat

Travel & Tourism

The BoatBox is suitable for storing luggage while driving and also for use as a rowboat.

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Boats are cumbersome things to take on a trip, even when they’re a small rowboat. While the maker of the Ar Vag has already proposed one solution with his foldable canoe, the BoatBox is another option, suitable for storing luggage while driving and also for use as a rowboat.

Typically, families who want some extra storage when traveling by car will invest in a car roof box that can cost hundreds of dollars, depending on the size. If they want to take a boat as well, they have to attach it to a trailer or forgo the extra luggage. The BoatBox, however, is a hybrid of the two. When turned upside down and attached to the base unit, the 20kg cover can be attached to the car’s roof rack and used to store up to 175kg of baggage. When they arrive at their destination, owners can then simply unclip the cover from its base and use it as a two-man rowing boat. Each BoatBox comes with an attachable seat, rowlocks and fold-out oars, although it can also be fitted with an electric motor for easy sailing.

The BoatBox is bigger than standard car roof boxes and retails from GBP 595. Are there other ways to cut down on space and weight when designing travel products?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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