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Car seat monitors well-being to keep children from harm

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Using smart sensor technology, this new car seat design aims to improve car safety for children.

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Innovation has played an important role in making travelling by car as safe as possible. For example, the creation of an AI system which is able to detect when someone is texting and driving. Naturally there has been a focus on the safety of children in cars, and thus smart technology implemented into a car seat design is a popular solution. We have previously written about a self-installing car seat that allows parents to easily and correctly install car seats.

A new car seat has recently been released by German car seat company Cybex. This new model, called the Sirona M, provides parents with new and improved safety features. The car seat has a smart chest clip that syncs with the installed vehicle receiver and the caregiver’s smartphone. The smart chest clip uses SensorSafe 2.0 technology in order to provide the caregiver with detailed information about the well-being of the child.  For example, notifications are sent if the temperature of the car is too hot or cold, if the child has been seated for too long, or if the child unbuckles themselves whilst the vehicle is in motion.

The accompanying application is usable by parents whose child is in the care of someone else. The app sends notifications to their mobile device with the GPS coordinates of the vehicle’s last known position. This feature enables parents to be aware if their child is alone or forgotten in the car. The car seat also has an adjustable linear side-impact protection system, helping to keep the child safe in the event of a crash. In combination with the head and shoulder protectors, this design is able to absorb up to 25 percent more impact.

Other features include a cup holder, an energy absorbing shell, one-hand adjustable recline, magnetic belt holders and a dual level indicator which indicates the correct seat angle. The seat is suitable for children ranging from newborns up until children aged four. It is currently available to purchase online in several retail outlets. How else could technology help us keep our children safe?




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