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Car swapping for the holidays

Travel & Tourism

Travellers have long taken advantage of the convenience and cost savings of swapping residences for leisure trips. So, why not translate the concept to cars? London-based GoGo Britain is capitalizing on the idea, offering customers a simple, reliable and cheap alternative to rental cars. Here’s how it works: customers make reservations through the GoGo Britain website. A variety of vehicles are available based on destination and date. Since travel plans often change, customers are required to confirm reservations within 48 hours of their trips. There are no mileage restrictions, so swappers can drive to their heart’s content as they explore the countryside or city. There currently are eight swapping locations throughout Great Britain, where Belgian, French and Dutch swappers can exchange their left-steered vehicle for one that’s accustomed to driving on the left side of the road, and vice-versa for Brits heading over to the Continent. Both parties can rest assured that every possible step is taken to ensure safety and security. Customers must be 25 or older, have valid driver’s licenses and clean driving records for at least five years. All-inclusive insurance must be purchased before driving off the lot, and GPS receivers are installed in each vehicle, but only activated if there’s an emergency and a car needs to be located. GoGo Britain was developed by VisitBritain, the British Tourist Board, with the aim of attracting European tourists to Britain. And therefore will likely remain limited to locations in Great Britain. Catering to travellers who’d rather not swap houses but are willing to exchange cars, this is an idea that could be expanded to most other countries. Spotted by: Greg



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