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Cardboard standing desk is only USD 25

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Oristand is a lightweight, flexible standing desk alternative made from recycled cardboard that costs only USD 25.

The popularity of standing desks continues to rise, but most models on offer are either expensive or take up a lot of space. Looking to solve both those problems is Oristand — a lightweight, flexible alternative made from recycled cardboard that costs only USD 25.


The Oristand is made to support most laptop and wireless keyboard combinations and can hold up to 60 lbs. The desk is available in a flat-pack form, meaning it is easy to transport and store away. It can simply be opened out and placed on any flat table; the design means that no screws or assembly are necessary. Once upright, the user places their laptop, keyboard and mouse on the different surfaces, feeding power cables through the spaces provided. Then, when they need a break from standing or require the desk space, they can just fold Oristand back up and store it.


Is there a market for any other low-tech, inexpensive furniture for new economy offices?



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