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Certifications available for cannabis experts

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The Trichome Institute’s Interpening certifications provide in-depth knowledge of cannabis covering quality, type and effects.

Interpening is the interpretation of terpenes, the molecular hydrocarbon chains that produce scent in plants. In cannabis, the different plant varieties are distinguishable by their flowers and smells. Each type also produces different effects on the body. The Trichome Institute, North America’s leader in cannabis education, offers four levels of Interpening certification, with level three comparable to the in-depth knowledge required of a wine sommelier.

The Trichome Institute is dedicated to the science of cannabis use, providing medically supported, legally reviewed and fully researched products, courses and curriculum. Knowing which foods go best with each variety of cannabis is one of the skills held by a certified interpener. Further development of the Trichome Institute’s research and courses include training interpeners for nationwide, wholesale cannabis grading.

As legal use of recreational cannabis becomes more widespread, an entire industry has sprouted in parallel. There is now an Airbnb service for cannabis smokers and home delivery service for medical marijuana. What opportunities are there for technology entrepreneurs in the legal cannabis industry?



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