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Charging device simultaneously sanitizes phones using UV-C light


PhoneSoap is a forthcoming new device that sanitizes the user's cell phone while it charges during the night.

If UV light can effectively destroy the viruses and bacteria in unsafe drinking water, it stands to reason that it could be applied to other germ-ridden aspects of life as well. Enter PhoneSoap, a forthcoming new device that sanitizes the user’s cell phone while it charges during the night. Inspired by the fact that one in six phones have been found to have fecal matter on them, PhoneSoap is a small box that can simultaneously charge and sanitize a cell phone using UV-C light. The device consists of a box with UV lights on two sides of its interior for simultaneous cleansing of both the top and bottom of a phone. After plugging the device into the mains, users can use it briefly just to sanitize their phone, or they can plug in their phone using the the micro USB or Apple 30-pin USB cord provided to charge it at the same time. Three to five minutes of UV exposure is enough for complete sanitization, and there’s no heat or liquid involved. With a short wavelength that is 99.9 percent effective at killing bacteria and viruses, UV-C light is completely safe for humans, PhoneSoap’s Utah-based maker says. The video below explains the premise in more detail: PhoneSoap is currently available for preorders on Kickstarter at a price of USD 39, with delivery expected in August. Having already exceeded its pledge goal, the project will be funded early next month. Mobile-minded entrepreneurs: one to get involved in early? Spotted by: Eric Tan



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