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Chatbot chef plans meals via emoji

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Conversable’s latest bot helps Whole Foods shoppers plan meals and find recipes while they browse the store.

The food industry is constantly the subject of innovation, and we’ve seen in-fridge food deliveries and IFTTT grocery shopping that adapts online orders to the weather. For shoppers that tend to get overwhelmed in the supermarket, Conversable’s latest bot makes planning meals on-the-go easier.


Whole Foods customers can now ask an artificial intelligence chef for recipe recommendations as they browse. Shoppers connect to the AI chef through Facebook Messenger and can communicate via chat and emoji. If a shopper sends the chef bot a picture of an apple, the recipe planner will deliver a variety of dishes that include apples as a key ingredient. Recipe suggestions can also be filtered by cuisine and dietary requirements. Conversable’s SaaS platform helps brands connect with consumers through chat and on-demand content, and can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Slack, Hipchat and more.

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