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Chatbot designed to record workplace harassment

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Victims of harassment in the workplace are able to record incidents quickly and anonymously through AI-powered bot.

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Psychological scientist and memory expert Dr. Julia Shaw, and former Evernote employees Dylan Marriott and Daniel Nicolae, have created a new chatbot called Spot. Using artificial intelligence and memory science, Spot lets victims of workplace harassment and any form of discrimination record incidents anonymously.

The software works in a similar way to any other messaging app. However, users talk to a machine rather than a human. The bot’s level of artificial intelligence is high enough to respond to what users write and also ask meaningful and relevant questions to follow up.

The developers believe that a bot can have advantages over a human when recording incidents. For example, the bot is available at any time and never judges or shares the information the user passes onto it. At the end of the reporting, the system will give the user the opportunity to keep a time-stamped copy of the report. The report is then available for use as evidence. Alternatively, users can email a copy to their employer. Spot’s own email server is provided to send emails, ensuring anonymity.

Chatbots have been helping businesses and consumers for many years now. One solution protects people from potential fraudulent behaviour by wasting scammers’ time, and this chatbot has been designed to help care for Singapore’s ageing population. As AI continues to evolve, how could a chatbot further improve your business?



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