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Chatbot for insomniacs

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Casper, who make mattresses, launches a bot created to offer company to those who can’t sleep in the middle of the night.

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Marketing chatbots are becoming increasingly popular with brands as wide ranging as Burberry, American Express and Pizza Hut, adopting them as a way of building relationships with their customer base. We recently wrote about this marketing startup that has launched a service which enables marketers with no background in coding, to develop marketing chatbots. Now mattress startup, Casper, has launched the latest example of a marketing chatbot, Insomnobot-3000.

Insomnobot-3000 is a late night chat bot created to keep insomniacs company when they can’t get to sleep. Sleepless users text 844-823-5621 between 11pm and 5am to talk to the bot about everything and anything from weekend plans and late-night snack cravings, to the best TV reruns. The bot doesn’t yet incorporate machine learning; its Developer, Gabe Whaley, explains “That tech isn’t where it needs to be just yet, and the data sets to do it right are immense.” adding that “Depending on the bot’s reception, that is an option for consideration in the future.”

Caspar’s Insomnobot is the latest in a long line of marketing bots, designed to bring customers closer to brands. Will we see the use of bots spread to other sector such as government in the not too distant future?


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