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Chest wearable monitors and regulates stress management


The Sensate device and its partner app uses audible tones that can be heard and felt to reduce stress levels.

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UK-based Sensate is a new wearable that can track and decelerate stress as it strikes. The device is held in place with a chest strap, and works with smartphone headphones and the accompanying app to measure and respond to stress indicators such as heart rate, respiration, posture, temperature and mood. When these factors are recognised, Sensate plays relaxing music through headphones that can be felt via the device. Its creators claim it creates relaxation quicker than traditional meditation techniques.

Sensate integrates Vagus Nerve Stimulation to stimulate the nervous system using sound, and the audio-based Brainwave Synchronisation to guide brain activity, both of which are techniques proven to support stress reduction. The biometric data gathered by the wearable can be viewed on the app, which tailors the low frequency sound waves it emits to a user’s chest so it responds to immediate stress-relief needs. Sensate will begin a crowdfunding campaign later this month.

Wearable technology that aims to improve a user’s health is a popular market, with the smart t-shirt developed with a respiratory monitor and the breast cancer-detecting bra being two recent creations in the field. Could a variety of wearables be combined into a single device to improve overall health?



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