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Toddler wearable to boost vocabulary


The Starling wearable word tracker encourages parents to speak more new words to their child, so to boost their IQ in the future.

We’ve been reporting on an increasing number of early education technology for children, such as robots that kids teach tasks to, in order to improve their learning ability and self-esteem. Now Versame has developed a wearable to enhance child learning before they even start pre-school.


Starling is a wearable device that parents can clip onto their child’s clothing or stroller. It records the number of unique words that are said in the child’s presence every day — parents can set word targets and see if it has been met. Starling’s inception was based on a multitude of academic researches that show a relationship between how the quantity and quality of words a child hears from birth have a profound effect on their future IQ. The device syncs to an associated app via Bluetooth, allowing parents to monitor their child’s vocabulary progress in offline locations. Being a child’s wearable, Starling is non-toxic, swallow-proof, waterproof and durable. Versame are currently seeking funding for Starling on Indiegogo.


The device uses natural language processing amongst other functionalities to help parents better understand factors that aid their child’s development. What other learning devices could use new tech to augment traditional education?



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