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Children's artwork made into bespoke jewelry

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Turkish jeweler Tasarim Takarim turns photos of children’s drawings into gold or silver jewelry or small sculptures.

Art is embracing technology in many ways. One local government is using sculpture to gather public opinion, and a cargo train is providing collaborative, mobile art experiences. Turkish jeweler Tasarim Takarim is making modern heirlooms of children’s artwork. Rather than let a favorite creation gather dust in a file, the jeweler turns it into gold or silver jewelry or small desktop sculptures.

Working from emailed photos of the artwork, the jeweler’s team takes around a week to perfect each piece. Necklaces, bracelets, brooches, cufflinks and desktop sculptures are available. Prices for a small necklace start at around USD 300, as each piece is bespoke. The jeweler works in sterling silver and provides gold-plated versions as well.

How else could technology and art be used to preserve work and memories, especially for older generations?



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