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Children's health records on demand

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MotherKnows is offering a way for parents to have access to their kids' medical records securely at any time.

Parents will always worry about their children’s health, but fortunately a number of innovations, such as Jerry the Bear and Pain Squad, are helping to make caring for them easier. Now a new platform called MotherKnows is joining them, offering a way for parents to check their kids’ medical records at any time. Available via the web and also as an iPhone app, moms and dads signing up to use MotherKnows first agree to release their children’s medical records, which are accessed under 265-bit encryption – the standard for hospital data and compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The details are not seen by those running the site, and are displayed only to the account holders. Full records are obtained and presented in an easy-to-understand way. The idea is that parents can then access the data when filling out medical forms, visiting the doctor or registering their child, as well as generally staying more informed about their kids’ health. One-month subscriptions to MotherKnows start from USD 9.95 per child per month, which offers to update the medical record data four times per year. A Premium service – available for USD 249 per child per year – provides ten updates per year. The following video gives more information on how the site works: With privacy and data security a top priority, MotherKnows aims to put parents in greater control of their children’s health. Currently available only in the US, could this work in your country? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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