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Voice-activated AI robot

Children’s voice-activated AI robot personalises learning


AI-enabled Woogie answers questions, plays interactive games and has the ability to engage in conversation.

UK-based Arrow Electronics is crowdfunding for its robot Woogie, a voice-activated AI creation for children that personalizes active learning. Aimed at children over 6 years old, Woogie’s built-in sensors helps it understands questions and respond with jokes, riddles and facts or interactive learning games. Through a companion mobile app, parents can restrict access and get notified about their child’s interests and push more content. Woogie also functions as a smart home control, safety light and alarm clock, and plays music and audiobooks.

Woogie was built based on studies that showed that children’s brains are affected by LCD screens. Access to excessive amounts of information was also found to overwhelm a child and not help them learn. Woogie accesses a curated bank of content, both educational and general knowledge, to ask and respond to any possible question. It helps develop further learning by playing specific teaching modules in a safe and engaging environment.

We have covered similar innovations that assist with children’s learning, such as a kids’ cooking app that encourages healthy eating, and a build-you-own energy kit that teaches children about electricity. You can learn more about Woogie’s crowdfunding campaign here. How else could AI be manipulated to assist learning for both children and adults?



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