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In Chile, sports goods are paid for with exercise

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Colun Light's Así da gusto pagar campaign has seen customers at its pop-up sportswear shop pay with exercise, rather than money.

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Getting consumers to exercise is much easier when there’s an incentive, and especially if it’s a financial one. Chile-based dairy brand Colun Light has taken this on board with its Así da gusto pagar campaign, which saw customers at its pop-up sportswear shop pay with exercise, rather than money.

Passersby entering the store were able to browse a range of sports equipment and clothes before taking the item to the till. However, instead of a monetary figure, customers were told that the item would cost them a certain number of calories. They were then directed towards a treadmill, where they could ‘pay off’ the cost of the goods by running for long enough to achieve the lost calories. Although consumers had to work in order to take home something from the shop, they benefitted from free goods as well as some lost weight. At the same time, Colun Light was able to link its brand with healthy behavior. The video below shows the campaign in action:

We’ve already seen Nike Mexico try something similar with its Subasta de Kilometros — an auction where runners bid with the miles they’ve racked up and tracked through their smartphone. Since there are now a plethora of different tracking devices now available, are there other ways to get consumers to pay through positive activity, rather than money?



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