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Mars | Photo source Aynur Zakirov from Pixabay

China opens a Mars simulation base to the public

A rocky red landscape in China serves as a Mars simulation base


China opened a Mars simulation base in the red rock area in the Qaidam Basin. It is designed to entertain tourists and educate students and others who want to learn about space exploration. Guests get to experience what life is like on Mars, while trying to solve problems they could face such as growing food and supplying power. The base will also be used for scientific research and simulation training.

Located in Mangai city, in Northwest China’s Qinghai Province, the area was chosen for its resemblance to Mars. It is rocky and red and temperatures vary greatly between day and night. The base covers an area of 53,330 square metres. It accommodates 60 people in its capsules and hundreds in the base’s tents. It cost 150 million yuan ($22.3 million) to complete.

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