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In China, this wearable air purifier could replace the smog mask

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The Wind Six wearable air purifier lets people breathe in polluted cities while also monitoring the air around the wearer.

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Smog and other air pollution is still a massive problem in China, damaging residents' health and necessitating the use of the now common smog mask. Hoping to find a more comfortable and intelligent solution, the Wind Six wearable air purifier lets people breathe in polluted cities while also recommending smog-free areas.

Wearing a mask all day isn't the most comfortable way to move around the city, but both the nose and mouth need to protected from the tiny smog particles in the air. Wind Six has developed a new device that looks like a headphone and mic setup, allowing the face to remain relatively uncovered. Instead of a microphone, there's a powerful, high-precision filter which purifies the air around it by up to 99.9 percent, even in strong winds. It also uses non-ozone electrostatic dust removal technology. The battery runs for around 6 to 8 hours on a single charge.

Alongside protection from smog, the kit is equipped with sensors that can monitor the quality of the air around the user. Using their smartphone, they can accurately track the environment around them to ensure they're staying safe. A real time map also displays the levels of air pollution in different parts of the city so users can plan their route or destination and avoid the worst effects of smog.

Innovators in other countries have already come up with ideas such as the Germinator Transit Jacket, which features technology to prevent wearers catching bugs in public. Are there ways to integrate technology that keeps urban residents safe from airborne dangers into the clothes they wear everyday?



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