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AI education | Photo source Pixabay

Chinese school children learning AI technology


AI company partners with university to get young children learning about AI.

As technology advances and becomes increasingly central to our daily lives, the focus on teaching children to engage with new trends is increasing. We have seen the creation of a digital teacher named Will in New Zealand. This AI powered on-screen avatar educates children on different renewable energies. The invention of the first Harry Potter STEM product also marks a shift away from traditional learning methods. The Harry Potter coding kit teaches children how to code in a fun, accessible way. This concept of educating children about new technology has taken a step further with in China. The artificial intelligence firm SenseTime has launched a program in Chinese schools to teach children about AI from a young age.

The company has teamed up with East China Normal University to get children involved with AI and engaging with new developments. The scheme runs in forty schools across Shanghai. However, it is looking to expand nationwide in an effort for China to reach their goal of being leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. In fact, the Chinese government regards this as highly important. They estimate demand for AI professionals will soon reach five million. Children in China currently learn using much more traditional methods. Rote-learning and fact memorising are still major elements of the education system. This means that this recent change will be quite a shock for Chinese children. The scheme aims to engage children in an interactive manner. SenseTime’s CEO Zhang Wen says he wants pupils to “have real experiences through AI technology.”



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