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Nubia smart phone

Chinese tech company debuts smartwatch with flexible display

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The latest in wearables is a smartphone watch from Nubia Technology of China


Part James Bond, part Johnny English is how critics are describing the Nubia Alpha smartwatch, which doubles as a smartphone. The watch wraps about your wrist like a cuff, and features a 10-cm flexible OLED display. It serves as the main interface for apps and other functions.

A sensor allows you to flip through functions with an airy flick of your finger. You don’t actually have to touch it. A button is located on each side. One is the 5M camera for stills and videos. The other is a sensor that responds to commands made by gesturing with your finger. The Nubia Alpha offers a number of smartwatch features, including fitness trackers and a sleep tracker. There is a sensor to record your heart rate. You can make calls too, send texts, and get the time.

What makes it unique is the flexible display, and that it is both a wearable (checks your heart rate) and a phone. But in an age defined by Apple’s sleek design, it is also a bit thick and clunky, say reviewers. What’s more it features only a limited number of apps. Reviewers complained there was no clear way to access an app store. The smartphone has a built-in 4G modem so you can go online.

The Nubia Alpha will be available later this year. It will retail at €549 for the black model and €649 for the gold version.




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