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Frito-Lay shows consumers where their chips came from


There’s nothing like the conversion of a big brand to prove that a trend has taken hold. Case in point: Frito-Lay, which apparently aims to boost its chips’ (still) made here appeal with an online Chip Tracker that lets customers see where their snacks originated. “Lay’s chips are made from potatoes grown by farmers across America,” the brand explains. More than 80 farms from 27 states across the country, in fact, grow the potatoes that become Lay’s potato chips. With that idea in mind, Frito-Lay last year launched a campaign featuring the farmers that grow them. The “Lay’s Mobile Farm” Tour — which wraps up this week — has been part of that effort, as is the Chip Tracker, which lets consumers trace where a particular bag of chips was made. All they need do is enter their ZIP code along with the first three digits of the bag’s product code; in return, the site gives them the specific location along with its annual output. An associated map, meanwhile, highlights both growing and production facilities. Frito-Lay’s comprehensive marketing effort to celebrate the brand’s many local connections has also included on-pack messaging, local event sponsorships and 24,000 in-store displays customized for each participating state. How’s the (still) made here message shaping up at *your* local brand… ? (Related: Local wines, professionally made from amateurs’ grapesA status story for spinachCoffee life stories.) Spotted by: Katherine Noyes



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