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Modular chocolates customized three ways

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French designer Elsa Lambinet's Sweet Play lets those with a sweet tooth create customized modular chocolate treats.

There seems to be no stopping the design-your-own innovations! Hard on the heels of our story last month about Whisky Blender’s design-your-own whisky blends comes word of yet another example. The focus this time? Chocolate — customizable three ways thanks to French designer Elsa Lambinet’s Sweet Play. We’ve actually already seen customizable chocolate bars with the Chocri effort we covered back in 2008, but Sweet Play differs in that it focuses on individual, bite-sized chocolates personalized through a modular approach. Specifically, the effort allows for customization via three elements: the type of chocolate (dark, milk or white); the inner filling, such as nougat or caramel; and the topping, such as fruit, nuts or jelly. Created through a partnership with Swiss chocolate maker Blondel, Lambinet’s Sweet Play is the result of a diploma project for Swiss ECAL last year. The video below illustrates the premise:
Lambinet currently seeks a chocolate maker for ongoing participation in the effort, according to a recent post in the comments following her video. One to get involved in? Spotted by: Dietfried Globocnik



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