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New app takes the stress out of circuit board design and implementation.

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It’s one thing to have a good idea for a project, but getting everything in the right place and working correctly isn’t always easy., is a new tool that gives you the steps to build an electrical circuit board yourself.

The app gives simple instructions of the process. The user drags and drops the elements they want onto the online circuit board and then generates the electrical requirements needed for the items you’ve selected, giving you a list of materials to buy and make the project. There is also a wiring diagram for when it comes to putting it all together, along with a coding module that provides the user with examples in how to best use each piece of the circuit.

If you’re looking for more help or inspiration then the official Facebook page is a good place to start, as it shows some of the amazing projects that people have created with the app, as well as a whole range of useful tips and links to get you started. Other websites and online communities are already getting behind too, and you can even download 3D printer files from sites like Yeggi.

SnapEDA is another useful source for those looking to make their own circuit boards, as it’s a library of various microchips, circuit boards and schematics for product parts, and a new UK start up has created a dough that allows electricity to run through it. Could innovations like these help the next generation to understand and enjoy creating more new technology?




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