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The internet may have given music fans unprecedented access to the world’s music, but finding it in any kind of organized way can be a challenge. Now providing a location-based approach comes, a music browser that streams the latest music of the world, city by city. Created by a Swedish duo for Music Hack Day last month, lists major cities from around the world, with those most frequently selected at the top. Listeners simply click on a city name to hear a selection of the latest music from that city. All of the tracks played come from professional audio platform, while photo images accompanying each city name come from flickr. Using is free, and tracks and cities are updated constantly to reflect each city’s musical trends. Like Harman Kardon’s trip planner with suggested travelling music, and Louis Vuitton’s MP3 tours of Chinese cities, provides consumers with a way to connect sound and music to specific places, whether or not they’re travelling there themselves. Spotted by: Miriam Brafman



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