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Clothes organizer app suggests outfits based on weather


Outfits by Cladwell is an iOS app designed to make best use of the clothes already in a user’s closet by suggesting outfits and tracking wearing habits.

Ohio-based company Cladwell has introduced its Outfits iOS app to help women save time, money and effort in managing their wardrobe. Once a user logs the items in their wardrobe, the app automatically scrolls through the online closet to suggest outfits relevant for each day’s weather and activities. Although marketed towards women, the app could easily work for anyone with an extensive clothing collection.

Outfits is a subscription service costing USD 5 per month and is currently only available for iOS users. Once an outfit is chosen for the day, users have the option to record the choice. This allows the app to log what is worn most often and, importantly, what is least worn. Tracking favorite outfits and items of clothing then allows for shopping recommendations based on what a user already owns.

Making more sustainable clothing choices is becoming increasingly common and popular, as is the creation of smart clothes themselves. Solutions to over-shopping include this smart wardrobe system that can donate the most infrequently worn items, and an example of a recent smart clothing collaboration is this connected jacket that unlocks exclusive product experiences. How else could choice-filled personal organization be helpfully automated?




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